Zirconia ceramic knife set 3" 4" 5" 6" inch + Peeler covers black blade colors handle home kitchen knives free shipping

Zirconia Ceramic Knife Set 3 4 5 6 Inch Peeler Covers Black Blade Black Colors Handle
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Item Specifics

TypeKnife Sets
PackagingFive-piece Set
Metal TypeOther

Product Description

zirconia ceramic knife set 3" 4" 5" 6" inch + Peeler + covers black blade black colors handle home kitchen knives --------- free shipping

Item : Ceramic knife set

size : 3" 4" 5" 6" inch

Package includes:

1 * 6" Chef knife

1 * 5" Slicing knife

1 * 4" Utility Knife

1 * 3" Paring Knife

1 * Peele

Blade material: Black Ceramic
Handle material: ABS
Color of knives: black handle + black blade ; Red handle + white blade ; Green handle + white blade ; Blue handle + white blade

Method of operation

1, the blade itself is sharp and easy to cut your hands, storage should be especially careful, you should pay attention not to contact with children, in order to avoid misuse;

2, ceramic knives should cooperate wood, bamboo cutting board, chopping boards used in conjunction with antibacterial better, but you should avoid using the stone chopping block, do not make it subject to high temperatures, do not use high temperature sterilization Xiaoduwangui (handle not heat );

3. Avoid Zhongshuai or external impact;


1, in the cutting of the process do not twist the knife;

2. Do not use ceramic kitchen knife cut frozen (or fully thawed) foods, raw cakes with flesh and fish, crabs and other hard objects;

3. Do not wash ceramic knives in the dishwasher, can be used in water or detergent, air dry;

4, please use extra attention on the blade of the knife, the blade is extremely sharp;

5, please stay away from children, the kitchen knife into the child can not come into contact with local custody, in order to avoid accidental injury;

6. Use a wooden or plastic chopping board and avoid use on stone chopping block;

7. Do not let the knife throwing knife broken at high altitude;

8. Do not use knifed, chop, knock, pry, throw and hit, do not use the knife when the lever;

9, the ceramic knife on the holder, knife block or other stable environment;

10. Do not try for yourself Brothers;

11. Do not put in place the knife away from the fire source too close to avoid plastic knife handle so the deformation;

12, the blade portion is dirty, stained, etc. Available kitchen soaked with bleach. Do not wipe clean with a metal ball, etc., may be due to the role of lead metal blade black powder.

Blade : Unique infiltration technology to make the blade small uniform blade line tough ,durable and sharp

Handle: ABS Eco-friendly material , antislip design, grasps the feeling comfortable, cutting things more safety

knife cover : knife cover ventilation design,tool more health

The follow photos is from our customers . Thank you very much of them photo.


Please don\'t use on stone materials, glass, tile, metal, cutting boards. please don\'t use on pry, Deep Impact or screwdriver Please don\'t put the handle on the fire Please don\'t wash in the dishwasher Please don\'t use the blade side, rolling food Please don\'t knife machete bones (including fish bones), frozen food and other hard objects, so as not to damage the blade

Main features

1.high hardness, high wear resistance. Use of high-tech aerospace specialty high temperature ceramics made only slightly lower than the hardness of diamond.

2.blade sharp, no longer wear, extremely durable.

3.corrosion-resistant, does not leave the iron smell, never rust, easy to clean. Not bring smell to food.

4.non-toxic, environmental health. Surface density, it is not easily contaminated food sauce, reduce the chance of bacteria. Ceramic knife powerful antibacterial function, ideal for cutting food can be eaten directly food. Is the best tool infant health care growth.

5.green tool to keep food color, flavor. Material chemically stable, healthy environment. Resistant to corrosion of various acid-base organic matter does not occur any reaction with food. Very suitable for cutting fresh sashimi, fruits, vegetables, boneless and cooked food.

6.mellow color, white, jade texture, adding elegance to enjoy.

7.ceramic knives should cooperate wood, bamboo cutting board. Used in conjunction with anti-bacterial chopping boards better, but you should avoid using the stone chopping block. Do not make it subject to high temperatures. Do not use high temperature sterilization Xiaoduwangui (handle not heat).

8.ceramic knife because of the special properties, hardness only to diamond, so food handling Do not use it when chopping knife, and should avoid Zhongshuai or external impact, preventing the blade fall to avoid chipping or fracture of ceramic blades. Ceramic knife can be used to cut, cut, etc., but not for chopping, smashing, prying, tick. Especially not for chopping bones and cut frozen foods.

9.tools after use, you can use water and detergent cleaning finished it natural dry after washing, you can put on the turret or collection in the tool box.

10.blade itself is sharp and easy to cut your hands, storage should be especially careful, you should pay attention not to contact with children, in order to avoid misuse.

11.more and more types of ceramic knife hilt with abs + tpr, ceramics, acrylic, wood, different handle, gives a different experience!

Optional Method Editor

Ceramic knife market was mixed, real Nanbian so many consumers suffer deception, suffered damage, then you know how to identify the ceramic knife is very important. Here, I will support Weapon.

1.look at the surface: high quality ceramic knife, smooth surface, its light can Kam, no blemishes, fine lines, comfortable, high toughness, thick blade. Inferior surface of ceramic knives stain more gray points, cracks, pinholes, feel rough, thin blade.

2.look at the cutting edge: high quality ceramic knife, the blade bright line fine, uniform. Not high quality ceramic knife edge line opened wide thick, uneven and there is intermittent.

3, look at the details: the real ceramic knife great attention to detail, in its knife blade, tip, tip have been carefully polished and rounded handle, effectively avoid the use of hand-maligned phenomenon.

4, look Material: ceramic knife material is zirconia powder. Quality ceramic knife using powder relatively large diameter zirconia powder production, which will show obvious jagged edges. And its high-quality zirconia ceramic knife is relatively high purity, high purity powder makes the blade looks translucent jade, pure mellow, while the poor zirconia ceramic knife because the incorporation of aluminum powder, the blade of light perception dull, and even black spots.

5, touch the blade: Under the premise of ensuring safety, light pressed with a finger nail edge, high-quality ceramic knife not break occurred, and poor will bear little ceramic knife pressure crack occurred.

6, test sharp: the ceramic knife to cut the paper, good smooth ceramic knife cutting process not only easy, but also can be finely chopped paper, but bad ceramic knife will appear clear sense of block, cutting out lines more rough.

7, anti-drop: If you accidentally drop the knife from the kitchen to make ceramic stage, high-quality ceramic knife without breaking or chipping occurs, poor is not.

Quality ceramic knife scarcity of raw materials, mining is difficult, complicated process knife blanks, polished technical skills, quality clearance. Because of its relatively high production costs, the price will be more expensive, but the "penny stock", value for money, trustworthy, and thus received a warm attention of consumers.

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