SKX 2000C ECG simulator signal generator

SKX 2000C ECG Simulator ECG Signal Simulator ECG Generator
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Product Description

Basic characteristics:
1, the simulator built-in large capacity lithium battery, can be repeated charging, can work for a long time; use no cost, no need to replace the battery, can work continuously after more than 100 hours (ex factory). Because it is a lithium battery, please try not to over discharge. Please note that the correct use of the charger, the charger voltage is not higher than 4.2V.
2, the use of 10 universal ECG adapter, and a variety of ECG and monitor lead wire connection.
3, the charger green light means charging is completed, the more bright red indicates that the lower the power.
4, increase the battery power automatic shutdown function, protect the lithium battery.
The simulator can generate the following waveform, the first code represents the following waveform
1, the normal ECG waveform
2, positive and negative triangle waveform
Be careful:
1, the simulator automatically generate waveform 1 after the normal ECG waveform.
2, the simulator of the LED display tube, when there is no operating button in 5 seconds, will automatically close the display, in order to save electricity. Press any button to trigger the display again.
Key note
A total of four keys, followed by the selection keys, add keys, reduce the key, confirm the key, in addition to a combination of keys
Select key:
This button is used to select the parameters to be changed, a total of 4 LED tubes to display the 4 code, which represents the contents of the display,
1 on behalf of the waveform code, 2-4 on behalf of the parameters to be changed (2 is the number of bits, the number of the representative on behalf of the ten, the 4 represents a bit)
LED tube under the right foot of the highlights, said the contents of the current selection.
Add key:
Use the key to change the parameters when you select the change.
Reduce key:
Use the key to change the parameters when you select the change.
Confirm key:
When the parameter is changed, the key is confirmed and the parameters are changed.
Combination key:
Press the select key at the same time, then press the confirmation key, loosen the confirmation key, and then release the selection key, which means that the choice of a combination of keys, and then press the confirmation button will show different content.
Explain the operation of each waveform:
1, normal ECG waveform:
* heart rate setting range: 10-200bpm; (initial value: 60 BPM)
The signal amplitude fixed.
2, positive and negative triangle waveform:
* (frequency range: 10-300bpm; initial value: 75 BPM)
* range: 0.1-4Mv (10:0.1mV, 400:4mV);
* 2 modes, one mode: positive wave, mode two: negative waveform; through a combination of buttons.
Note: signal amplitude setting:
* range: 0.1mV-4mV (10:0.1mV, 400:4mV); (initial value: 100)
* Please note that this rate setting will affect all waveforms.
* Please note that the signal amplitude settings can affect ECG waveform amplitude.